Hello, and thanks for visiting Frosted!

I am a product designer, mom and wife who has spent the past few years developing my craft as a decorated cookie artist.  I really love the joy and smiles that a tasty, well-decorated cookie can provide.

The idea for Frosted itself started when I bought yet another cookie cutter for my son's birthday. That's when my husband suggested that I should just design my own. With an engineering background and experience with 3D modeling this seemed like a natural fit for me.  Shortly thereafter the first 3D printer was ordered and the design and prototyping began.   

Over the past couple of months I've started to refine my designs and create cookie cutters that my cookie decorating friends and I would use ourselves. We're proud of the initial designs and are looking forward to creating many more in the months to come. 

Please check back often and subscribe to our newsletter or Facebook page for updates and giveaways.  If there is a custom design you need please do not hesitate to contact me.